Switching Host Agencies: Detailing the Process & Debunking Myths 



Right now, there are a lot of agents who are taking a deep dive into their business and one of the areas they are examining closely is their relationship with their host agency and/or consortia. With any change there are pros and cons and changing hosts is no different. How do you know you aren’t getting the same thing with a different name? How do you find the perfect fit? And once you find that fit, how does the process of switching really work? 

Join Sandy Saburn, travel industry veteran, to learn more about how the process really works. Sandy will be debunking some of the myths that are prevalent in our industry. Her tips and information will work for agents in any stage of their career.  


Meet Sandy.

Sandy came to the travel industry after 10 years as a business and career coach. After encouraging hundreds of clients to follow their dreams, Sandy decided to pursue her own dream of working in the travel industry. After completing travel school, Sandy began working as an agent, but quickly moved into leadership. She has held management positions in training, marketing, and sales, and has worked with leisure and corporate travel, meetings and incentives, and home-based agents. Sandy has a master’s degree in communication from Queens University of Charlotte, and a bachelor’s degree in business from UNC Wilmington, as well as the Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) designation from The Travel Institute. After 17 years working in travel, Sandy is even more convinced that this is the best industry in the world and there continues to be tremendous potential for agency owners and agents. She loves introducing people to the industry and helping those already working in travel to be more successful by leveraging their skills and passion.