Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) presents:


Join us for Travel Entrepreneurship Week 2018!

We have hand selected our topics based on what we have found to be the best of the best in respect to marketing and business strategies. Each day will include two sessions focused on helping you run a more successful travel business. Join us for a week of the best of the best to take your business to the next level.




From Friends to Clients: How to Use Facebook Live to Boost Your Sales

To convert your friends to clients, you have to build "know, like, and trust." Facebook Live is the most effective way to build "know, like, and trust". 

Hosted by: Vanessa McGovern EVP, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, GIFTE  

June 18th at 12pm Eastern

Sandra's Simple Steps to an Effective Instagram Strategy

Do you feel like you are randomly putting stuff out there on Instagram with no results? Sandra will help clarify it all by sharing her simple steps to an effective Instagram strategy.

Hosted by Sandra Cottam McLemore of Village Girl Marketing

June 18th at 3pm Eastern

Uplevel Your Brand Using Canva

Are you tired of your marketing looking DIY? Canva is a free, easy-to-use, online tool that will make your marketing look professional, and you will feel like a superstar.  

Hosted by Caroline Hollar and Amanda Overmyer Marketing Team, GIFTE 

June 19th at 12pm Eastern

The Single Most Effective Marketing Strategy 

Hint: It's Not Social Media. In this session, you will learn the single marketing strategy that no business should be without. After coaching thousands of travel professionals, this is the one thing that consistently works in your business. 

Hosted by Meredith Hill Founder, GIFTE 

June 19th at 3pm Eastern

When Is It Time to Get Your Own IATA And Other Business Decisions You May Be Getting Wrong

At some point in your travel agent career, you are probably going to wonder if you are better off having your own IATA number. There are a number of factors you should consider BUT few resources that present these considerations in a neutral way. Learn what you need to know to make a solid, informed decision for you.

Hosted by Jennifer Cochrane EVP & COO, GIFTE 

June 20th at 12pm Eastern

A Strategy For Filling Groups That Actually Works

What most people are taught when filling a group is to block some space and market the group. This is the hard way. We will teach you an easy, effortless, and wildly profitable strategy for filling groups that actually works.

Hosted by Vanessa McGovern EVP, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, GIFTE 

Featuring: Stuart Cohen Chief Motivation Officer, 

June 20th at 3pm Eastern

How To Write Your Way To More Travel Clients

Learn from travel copy expert, Emily Matras of Bon Vivant Copy that there is copy that educates and then there is copy that converts. Most people are using copy that educates in the places where they should be using copy that converts - and that's why it's not working. Learn from Emily how to easily write copy that converts and where to use it.

Hosted by Emily Matras of Bon Vivant Copy

June 21st at 12pm Eastern

Double Your Revenue Without Working Any Harder

Are you paying yourself as much as you'd like? You can achieve whatever business results you desire as long as you know how.

Hosted by Jennifer Cochrane EVP & COO, GIFTE  

June 21st at 3pm Eastern

The Proper Care and Feeding For Your Travel Business

When you get a pet,someone tells you how to properly care for it by feeding it and giving it water and training it. But no one tells you what you need to properly care and feed your business. Learn from Meredith Hill the best nutrition you can feed your business to set you up for long term success. 

Hosted by Meredith Hill Founder, GIFTE  

June 22nd at 12pm Eastern