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Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) presents:


April 29 - May 3


Join us for Travel Entrepreneurship Week 2019!

We have hand selected our topics based on what we have found to be the best of the best in respect to marketing and business strategies. Each day will include two sessions focused on helping you run a more successful travel business. Join us for a week of the best of the best to take your business to the next level.



What People Are Saying...

"Great content! Everyone at GIFTE just keeps getting better and better!"  

- Jonathan Haraty Adventure Luxury Travel 

"All of the content is fabulous! Pure GOLD. I loved all the sessions. I'm a new member as of Monday and can't wait to start using the portal and evolving. We are all in this TOGETHER. #ImReady"

- Danielle Janaye Majestic Travels by Danielle 


" Everything was top notch! Highly informative, relevant, well organized and useful...the GIFTE girls did an excellent job! You are all growing and evolving in your own ways and it shows!"  

- Carol Murray Your Vacation Home 


"Joined GIFTE the very first day! Saw the value in the content that was presented, which I had been looking for a very long time! You nailed it with the topics presented, and the specifics - the "how-to's," I've been unable to find elsewhere! All of the sessions were outstanding!!! It's been a fantastic week!"  

- Lore Ross 2Infinity Travel 


"New Member! All of the content provided has been outstanding! I have learned more this week than I have since starting my business over a year ago! Looking forward to growing with this team's assistance."  

- Beverly Rowe Creative Excellence by B. Destinations 



Be Social Media Savvy while Traveling 

In this session you will learn how to maximize your social media presence for your next trip. Whether you are going on a FAM, attending a travel industry trade event or taking a bucket list trip of your own, being clear on how to create positive buzz that leads to sales is fundamental as a travel business owner in the digital age. 

Hosted by Vanessa McGovern EVP, GIFTE  

Monday April 29th at 12pm Eastern 

Get Your Clients to Read Your Stuff

You’ve been taught to market yourself as an expert or advisor, not an agent. The best way to establish yourself as an expert is to write and post great content. But how do you actually get them to read it? In this session, we will take you through the anatomy of a successful email – one that will get opened, read and possibly even shared.  

Hosted by Meredith Hill Founder, GIFTE 

Monday April 29th at 3pm Eastern 

BONUS SESSION: How to Be Magnetic Online


Ever feel like what you write online—whether it's your website, blogs, or emails—just sounds so stiff and awkward? It's time to humanize your content. In this session with copywriter Emily Matras, you'll learn how to cut through the awkward and write online content that's warm and personable—because *that's* what will attract your dream travel clients. Less robot-speak, more you!

Hosted by: Emily Matras Bon Vivant Copy

Tuesday April 30th at 10 am Eastern 

Trade Show Success Secrets

In this session you will learn best practices on how to successfully execute a consumer show. Vanessa will guide you through getting prepared for the show, what to do while at the show and how to maximize your follow up. Get clear on your plan and how to pick the right trade show for your ideal target market. During this session you will also hear from Danielle Dybiec of Nine Muses Travel who will share her journey to select her first perfectly targeted show for her niche and how this led to a group for her ideal clients.

Hosted by: Vanessa McGovern EVP, GIFTE

Tuesday April 30th at 12pm Eastern

How To Make An IC Strategy Work for Your Business

During this session you will learn the important considerations that travel advisors should take into account when bringing ICs into their businesses. If you have independent contractors, or are considering bringing some on, you won’t want to miss this session. Jennifer will walk you through often-missed strategic and operational considerations you need to have on your radar to ensure that your IC strategy is lucrative, fulfilling and will help take your business to the next level.

Hosted by Jennifer Cochrane EVP & COO, GIFTE 

Tuesday April 30th at 3pm Eastern

Taking the Leap and Charging a Service Fee

Charging service fees makes great business sense but introducing the fee to your clients can cause a lot of angst. In this session you will learn the art of charging service fees including how to articulate your value and why you are charging it, how much to charge, how to collect it and more.

Hosted by Meredith Hill Founder, GIFTE

Wednesday May 1st at 12pm Eastern

Scale Your Business with Groups

In this session you will learn how to find special interest groups, pitch a group idea that leads to a yes and how to understand the path to profitability with groups. Vanessa McGovern will share the proven phases to group business strategies. During this session you will learn from Rachel Shoemaker from Louisa White Travel and get inspired on how she followed the proven path and secured a group of travelers to England with a well known tea room. 

Hosted by Vanessa McGovern EVP, GIFTE 

Wednesday May 1st at 3pm Eastern

BONUS SESSION: Importance of Relationships


In the travel industry, as in life, relationships can be EVERYTHING! Join Lisa as she discusses the importance of all levels of relationships (personal and professional) that can make a huge difference in the health of your business. Nurturing the right relationships can be vital to your success!

Hosted by Lisa Fletcher Director of Education, Gifted Travel Network.

Wednesday May 1st at 4:15 pm Eastern

Insider Tips From a Luxury Travel Specialist

Wanting to sell luxury travel and actually doing it are 2 very different things. Attracting the luxury travel client starts with the right mindset. Providing a valuable service to this client takes wisdom, great customer service skills and competency. In this session, learn from a luxury travel specialist how she adopted the right mindset and figured out how to attract the luxury travel client. Get a behind the scenes view at how she brings her wisdom, expertise and competency to the sales process.

Hosted by Meredith Hill - Featuring Belkys Pastor Founder, GIFTE 

Thursday May 2nd at 12pm Eastern

To Host or Not to Host…And Other Business Decisions You May Be Getting Wrong

As business owners and entrepreneurs, travel advisors make important business decisions every day. Sometimes these are deliberate and intentional decisions, and sometime they are by default, as a result on There are a number of factors you should consider BUT few resources that present these considerations in a neutral way. Learn what you need to know to make a solid, informed decision for you.

Hosted by Jennifer Cochrane EVP & COO, GIFTE  

Thursday May 2nd at 3pm Eastern

BONUS SESSION: All Hosts are Not Created Equal: How to find the right one for you.


One size doesn’t really fit all when it comes to clothes – and it’s not true for host agencies either! Your business is unique and you need a host agency that will fit the needs of your business. Join Sandy Saburn for a look at how host agencies differ, and the 5 most important things to consider when picking a host agency for your business.

Hosted by Sandy Saburn Director of Sales, Gifted Travel Network 

Thursday May 2nd at 4:15 pm Eastern

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Travel Business

If you are a travel agent, you are not just a travel agent. You are also a business owner. But no one is teaching you how to properly and care for your business. It’s not a whole lot different from getting a pet, however, the proper care and feeding of that pet is pretty straightforward. If you don’t know how, all you have to do is google it. In this session, learn from Meredith Hill the best nutrition you can feed your business to set you up for long term success. 

Hosted by Meredith Hill Founder, GIFTE  

Friday May 3rd at 12pm Eastern